Environmental benefits of eating plants

Environmental benefits of plant based nutrition

Improving your health is not the only reason to switch to a more plant-based diet.  Animal agriculture does immense harm to the planet; it is responsible for:

  1. About half of all “greenhouse gas equivalents”, vs. entire transportation sector produces ~14%.
  2. 55% of water use in the U.S.
  3. 75% of use of all agricultural land
  4. 130X more excrement than people in US; responsible for over 500 “dead zones” in oceans around the world
  5. Species extinction — is the single leading cause; is responsible for 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction.

If you eat meat, dairy, and eggs, you can cut your carbon footprint in half RIGHT NOW, by switching to plant based nutrition.  By comparison, converting the world from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources will take until at least 2050 and cost about $125 trillion.

To learn more about the environmental impact of eating animal products, visit Cowspiracy.

To learn more about the benefits of plant based eating, please contact Dr. Sheline at 336-543-0566, or visit our Contact page.

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Environmental benefits of plant based nutrition

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