I. Useful Plant Based Nutrition Websites


NutritionFacts.org — is the premier source of peer-reviewed information about nutrition, delivered in short video clips.

PlantPureNation.com —  has recipes, seminars, films, cookbooks, AND you can order frozen plant-based meals of your choice delivered to your home (great for those who don’t want to bother with cooking and/or want a Demo of what plant-based eating feels like): Choose food collections


PCRM.org is another great resource, with indexed nutrition information, recipes, films, and more. For access to their 21-day meal plan with recipes and shopping lists, you can sign up or download their app via this link.

— an excellent source of brochures, books, movies, and information about plant-based nutrition.

numerous resources on their “Education” page.

Lighter.world – website with free recipes and help with what foods to buy; also can pay for one-on-one online advice

Rouxbe Cooking School — Learn how to cook delicious vegan meals: has excellent self-paced online cooking course, w/instructional videos.

III. Educational Brochures

  • Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide — nutritional info about whole foods plant based (WFPB) eating vs. standard American diet, myths and facts about WFPB nutrition, how to make the transition, and incorporate into daily life.
  • Vegetarian Starter Kit — very similar, a little shorter, also has some recipes.

IV.  Movies/Videos

V. Books (with links to Amazon, to order)