Need vegan meals delivered, or your own diet consultant?

For those who either don’t know how to start cooking “vegan”, OR if you just want to try out a vegan diet for 10 days to see how you feel, check out PlantPureNation

If you start trying to prepare vegan meals and have questions, you can get your own dietary consultant at Lighter.World.  To get a consultant, you will need to “Sign Up” and fill out their questionnaire. Then choose their “Elevated Plan”.  

This is a team of dieticians and nutritionists who can help you go from the generalities of my advice to “eat more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes”, to the specifics of HOW you accomplish that.

  • You can click on their “Chat” icon (at lower right of their home screen) without even signing up, if you want to learn more; this gives you access to one of their trained dieticians.
  • Signing up for their “Exploring” level is FREE, and gives you access to personalized menus, each of which generates a grocery list.
  • Their “Elevated” plan costs $34/mo, and gives you almost unlimited telephone support: you’ll have your own licensed dietitian for any questions or challenges that come up

Or, if you would like to talk in person with a local health coach, I can recommend Christine Frost

To contact Dr. Sheline or make an appointment, visit our contact page.

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