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The truth about dairy products

                              What is the truth about dairy products? The dairy industry spends millions of dollars every year to try to convince us that milk and cheese

Need vegan meals delivered, or your own diet consultant?

For those who either don’t know how to start cooking “vegan”, OR if you just want to try out a vegan diet for 10 days to see how you feel, check out PlantPureNation.  If you start trying to prepare vegan meals

Environmental benefits of eating plants

Environmental benefits of plant based nutrition Improving your health is not the only reason to switch to a more plant-based diet.  Animal agriculture does immense harm to the planet; it is responsible for: About half of all “greenhouse gas equivalents”,


Pre-diabetes: A disease you can prevent, and also cure, by changing your nutrition. What is it? People with “pre-diabetes” have elevated blood glucose, but the level is intermediate, between normal and full-blown diabetes. Diagnosis: Fasting blood glucose level from 100-125

Plant based nutrition resources

Helpful links, which you need to know about: (hit Ctrl. + click to follow link) I. Websites with which you should become familiar: — is the premier source of peer-reviewed information about nutrition, delivered in short video clips — great source