Free E-mail consults now available


I have a “pre-med” student who is volunteering with my practice. He is a junior at NC State University who is very interested in plant-based nutrition. He is available to contact you FOR FREE, to discuss how things are going with your nutrition, and to listen to any questions you might have about the “Plan” you and I discussed at your last visit. (You should have received a copy of my note from each of your visits).

If interested, you’ll need to print and sign the consent form (see link, below) and Email it to me. An easy way to send this if you don’t have a scanner is to just take a photo of the signed document with a smart phone and attach it to your Email. This form specifies exactly what the student has permission to discuss, as well as which (very limited) parts of your medical record I would share with him.
No problem If you’re not interested – NONE of your information will be given out, not even your name.
If you are interested, I will have him Email you, but ONLY after I’ve received your signed consent form.

Link: Consent Form